Every one  puts faith in one brand over another : Pep/Ck , MD/BK, Chvy/Frd, it’s natural to categorize and then compare, but in my experience with a/c repair, no one brand stands out as the all time best. Every major brand has had issues with there products and as a technician, I have repaired them all and in fairly equal proportions. As most brands now use some of the same parts in there construction, it’s hard to tell one apart from the other. There are exclusive brands that tout a big name you can trust, but that name comes at a higher cost both in equipment and parts.

Many manufacturers now offer 10 years parts warranty so the lines of distinction are  becoming even blurrier. I have one bit of advice for any one thinking about replacement, Pick a company you trust. If a tech or sales rep gives you a bad feeling then shop elsewhere, these systems aren’t easy to remove if all goes wrong. Even the most expensive system can be plagued with problems if it is installed or serviced improperly. Air conditioners have gotten expensive, the cheapest price always comes at a cost, and the most expensive doesn’t mean you’re getting the best.