What does it mean when the circuit breaker keeps tripping?

Anytime a circuit breaker trips, you’ve got trouble. It’s true that as breakers age they become more sensitive and may begin tripping when the system starts up due to the large current draw of older equipment. Occasionally the contacts behind the breaker or the metal tab that the breaker snaps into become corroded and the breaker will heat up at that connection causing a false trip. The only way to be sure is for a technician to check the amp draw of the circuit with a special clamp-on meter. A short or problem with the equipment can cause breakers to become unreliable and a fire hazard and they should be inspected and replaced as needed along with the equipment repairs. A circuit breaker is a safety device to protect you and your A/C equipment, Its a good idea for homeowners to have their electrical system inspected by a competent electrician at least every 10 years to find these issues before it’s too late. I have seen problems with A/C compressors causes breakers to fail and eventually ruined the contacts behind the breaker requiring a new circuit panel, this was due in part to the homeowner continuously resetting the breaker, and not calling out a professional.