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I can run service calls almost anywhere in Polk County (FL). My prices for repairs are reasonable and I can give you all the information you need to make a decision.  Most of the people I help in my business were dissatisfied with their previous A/C company because of a lack of communication, a repair was made but no explanation was given. Some of these companies had to return several times to make more repairs in the same month, leaving the client feeling unsure about there choice. A/C systems can become overrun with repairs especially when they haven’t been maintained properly, but it is a technicians job to try to do a thorough diagnostic and point out any week or failing parts so you can decide if repairs are the correct course of action. If you’re uneasy about a recent technicians recommendations, or just  need a little more information about your air conditioning system, feel free to call or text me at :

      863-205-4052   Jason Humbertson

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