About Me



Iv’e been working in HVAC field for 11 years now. In that time I’ve gone from installation to service technician to sales to service manager to FED UP!  In Florida, the attics are hot and cramped, customers are hot and tired of waiting, and our managers are not satisfied with us just fixing the problem. They want new systems installed and they really put the pressure on to sell, sell, sell!

In 2012 I decided it was time to do it my way, so I got my State Contractors License and started my own A/C company. A small and humble company but an effective one. I’ve always enjoyed getting to know customers and I plan on staying focused in the residential side of the business. I’m enjoying taking care of people the right way and our business is thriving for it. I’m putting this web site together to help people get through their A/C troubles. It can be expensive to have a company come out so I wanted to arm you all with the knowledge needed to save money and not feel overwhelmed.                                        Sincerely, Jason Humbertson owner of CoolAgainMan LLC.